Meeting you where you are, with many different approaches.

Many different ways to serve YOU!


You may recognize that you are not really where you should be in your career.  Perhaps you should be doing something else but not sure what. Or you know you are in a toxic environment and need to find something better, something that reflects your values and who you really are.  I can help. Clients who invest in personal, one-on-one coaching with me have reported stronger direction, clearer goals, and most importantly, a roadmap of how to get there.  

Using my “Work Backwards to Move Forward” system, together we explore and clarify your deepest desires for your career and life while staying in touch with who you REALLY are.

It’s your turn to invest in your dreams and goals.  Connect with me to get started.



 “I had the pleasure of working with Kioka for executive coaching services as I was exploring and deciding between new opportunities. I found Kioka to be very patient, reflective, and a great listener for details. Kioka has a keen sense of process and can offer key advice from a human resources perspective and challenge you to stay focused on goals that are most important to you as the client. I was very impressed with Kioka‘s ability to summarize situations and provide key insights for me to advance with my next executive leadership opportunity.” D.S., Atlanta, GA


“Kioka Coaching allowed me to put thoughts on paper and really way the pros and cons. While using this service, I was able to step out and make a career change.”
K.G., Durham, NC


Group coaching is for current and aspiring female entrepreneurs who recognize that, even with all of the training and education available, true success appears once you change your mindset.  Participants in kiokacoaching’s signature 9-week group coaching program experience greater business results, greater goal clarity, and move past those limiting beliefs while building a sustainable, profitable community right here in our backyard!


You are ready for kiokacoaching Group Coaching Program if:

  • You are a female entrepreneur living in proximity to Durham, NC and can participate in  a live, in-person experience.
  • You work full time but greatly desire to transition into your own business.
  • You are passionate about your product yet know it’s your own beliefs that are holding you back.
  • You long to create and sustain profitable community with like-minded women.

Connect with me to find out how Group Coaching can help you exceed your business and life goals.



“You’ve given me so much!  My gratitude is beyond words.”S. S., Pittsboro, NC


“I enrolled in Kiokacoaching’s 9-week group coaching program because I was struggling with establishing myself in a new real estate market.  In just a few weeks, I have seen my business grow and my mind and spirit expand. I have made vastly important shifts in my outlook and mindset- and things started to change for me immediately!  I have gotten so much out of my coaching and I have seen the rewards in very concrete ways, not just in perception and attitude, but in real dollars! (yay!) I wholeheartedly recommend Kioka Dunston for her mad skills as a career and life coach!”L.L., Durham, NC


If you’ve ever wondered why your coworker doesn’t understand you, why your spouse can’t figure you out, why others don’t seem to respect how you approach various situations, PeopleMap™ may be right for you.  PeopleMap™ is designed to greatly enhance your communication skills by identifying your strengths.  Workshop 1 introduces the PeopleMap™ 7-questionnaire assessment to determine your strengths and how best to communicate.  Workshop 2 explores deeper how to apply your knowledge of others’ strengths and maximize your “unfair communication advantage.”

Find out our next session and get ready for stronger, more effective relationships!



“I see this product as useful in the public and private sectors, particularly in small to medium work units.  I wish this information was available for me as an executive trying to get an inherited leadership team to function as a cohesive unit.  All is not lost, I will use these lessons to create better relationships with my colleagues in my small business.” G.R., Durham, NC


“Kioka’s warm and inviting personality made it easy for everyone to feel relaxed and at ease with talking about their personality type and/or experiences with other personality types.  The Peoplemap workshop she conducted gave me a better sense of who I am and how I can better interact with others.  I also learned the drivers for the various personality types.  In the past, I just could not understand why certain people behaved the way they did.  I would highly recommend attending a PeopleMap workshop led by Kioka.”L.H., Durham, NC


Looking to inspire, motivate, uplift and engage your audience?  Allow me to deliver passionate and encouraging messages with loads of learning nuggets for your audience.  I understand and utilize the power of directly connecting with the audience to maximize participation and tap into the collective wisdom of participants without being stuffy, staged and uber-rehearsed.  Connect with me and check it out for yourself!  



“Thank you for reminding me that by pursuing my passion, I am setting a positive example for my children.” C.W., Raleigh, NC


 “We are so grateful for your participation on our panel.  Your story was personal and inspirational and I felt our clients really connected with your message of perseverance.  Thank you for taking the time to share your unique wisdom with these special women.” – V.G., Durham, NC